Become an Android Developer

Become an Android Developer


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Do you want the opportunity to put your apps on over 1 billion devices? "Become An Android Developer From Scratch” is designed to be the best first step to launching your career as an Android Developer. Whether you've never programmed before or are coming to mobile development for the first time, if you're truly inspired to learn Android Development, this is where you need to start. This course has been in development for over two years, continuously perfected through research and testing in training bootcamps throughout the US. It represents a collaboration between a professional educator with over 20 years of experience in helping people learn and a professional mobile developer who has helped companies like Sony, Verizon, and nVidia build stunning mobile applications. Starting with how the Java programming language works and progressing all the way to advanced Android concepts, you will get expertly produced instruction, visually descriptive explanations of deep concepts, screencasts that talk you through not just the “how” but also the “why,” and code challenges to test yourself and mark your progress. Here’s what students are saying: “Very clean and well done. Covers everything that you need to know for getting started whether you know how to code starting out or not. If you are at a loss trying to start making android apps this is the course for you.” “I like this course, this would transform any normal person to a full fledged android developer.” “This one is, by far, the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and genuinely well put together one of the bunch.” “Inspirational! - got me over the hump (complete android beginner)”

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